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Sound & Vibrational Healing

Sound Healing is the use of instruments or the voice to bring the body and energy field into harmony.   States of dis-ease and imbalance show up as discordance in the body and surrounding human energy field, sometimes with a feeling of being displaced or even outside the body.  The appropriate application of sound is a part of restoring the body's systems so that coherence can be felt both internally and externally.  

Sound Healing makes use of the vibrations emitted from ancient and/or modern instruments to initiate a healing response from the body.   When placed on or near the body, the vibrations from tuning forks, hand chimes or other sound tools like singing bowls, set up sound waves that travel through the body. Because the human body is made up of roughly 70% water, sound waves easily travel through like ripples in a pond. These ripples can break up physical blocks like tight muscles, or emotional blocks like stuck feelings. In addition, sound healing can restore rhythmic coherence in the nervous system leading to calmness, promoting both balance and well-being.

The goal of Sound Healing is to use vibrational frequencies specifically attuned to promote relaxation. If you have ever felt overstimulated or over-stressed by a harsh or chaotic environment, think about how good it feels when you step away from that jarring stimulus and replace it with something soothing. Sound waves, provided by sound tools applied directly to or near the body, can be a powerful agent in creating this transformation. When your body begins to relax, the healing process can begin.

My experience with Dr. Moore's vibrational healing has been a catalyst for my physical and emotional healing and spiritual evolvement. The vibrations opened blockages, enabling me to release old patterns that have resulted in increased energy, expanded consciousness, and even the elimination of a heart arrhythmia. arrhythmia.          

~  Maggie M.  Retired IT Executive, New Mexico                                                                                       

Acutonics® Sound Healing

Acutonics® is a system of sound healing.  It is the applied use of sound vibration that draws on East Asian medicine, psychology, science and the arts, promoting health and well-being. The Acutonics Sound Healing method is unique in the sound therapy field for its integrated approach to holistic healing. It starts with the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Science and Psychology for a firm understanding of the basis of dis-ease.   Once an imbalance has been identified, precision-calibrated tuning forks are applied on specific acupuncture points to access the meridian and chakra energy systems.  Acutonics embraces both ancient healing wisdom traditions and new paradigms in health and wellness while remaining firmly based in science and strongly supported by case study documentation and research.  This non-invasive methodology is proven to reduce pain, improve sleep, relieve digestive, gynecological, musculoskeletal, and neurological to psycho-spiritual, emotional, and psychological distress.

Using sound and vibration to re-harmonize and attune the human energy field, Acutonics is a non-invasive yet powerful, transformational healing system. 

Laura Moore is a physician of Spirit as well as body.  An accomplished practitioner in a range of healing modalities, Laura is uniquely gifted at using Acutonics tuning forks. It is exciting to watch the dynamic way she uses these tools, which treat through sound vibrations the very same bodily meridians that acupuncturists influence with needles. For me, it has been astounding to experience how even a single Acutonics session with Laura can release blockages and begin healing patterns impervious to other treatments.  When she explains what she did in a session and why, it is obvious that Laura Moore is a serious, talented healer."       

~ Deborah E, Writer, New York NY

Sound Healing and Vibrational Medicine is part of a restorative and preventative health and wellness care plan.  Sound Healing sessions are between 45 - 75 minutes and are available for individuals or groups.  In her practice of medicine, Dr. Moore often combines sound healing with acupuncture and/or other natural modalities where appropriate.