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Trauma Reset® Process

Trauma can affect an individual on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and bring areas of life to a halt. There are often “frozen” imprints of the memory of trauma held in the body, derailing individuals from living life to its full potential.  While talk therapy can be an important part of the healing process in trauma, there are many times when talking and re-hashing the trauma/traumatic events can re-trigger an individual creating the sense of overwhelm and the feeling of becoming stuck in an unending cycle. 



The Trauma Reset Process® is a therapeutic approach to releasing held patterns in the body from life events, present and past. This approach utilizes somatic experiencing combined with Rosen method healing touch, nonjudgmental noticing and listening and the five-element generative cycle to enable individuals to process and integrate traumatic events and lived experiences. Alleviating problematic symptoms at their root and returning the breath to its unconstrained rhythm then leads to a restoration of balance in the body, mind, emotions and spirit.  This method helps an individual to identify unconscious patterns of muscular holdings, feelings and learned behavioral responses that may limit individual’s ability to feel the inner condition of the body. Research studies show that greater ability to feel one’s inner body condition are connected to greater resilience, improved immune function, and reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression.


The Trauma Reset® Process works on a level within the body where sensation and meeting the sensation gently with curiosity provides the space that allows for movement once again.  This is a guided process that may utilize different modalities in order to facilitate  the body to “talk” rather than the mind recounting the past story related to the events that have happened.   The Trauma Reset® Process re-balances, resets and restores the individual so that they can access their own agency and build resilience in their lives.  


I have had the pleasure of being both a peer and a patient of Dr. Laura Moore for several years. Dr. Moore brings a breadth of knowledge, skills, intuition and compassion to her unique practice of Naturopathic Medicine. Her approach to healing deep seated dis-ease through trauma informed acupuncture helps to find freedom from past events that may manifest in the way of physical discomfort or mental and emotional blocks and dysfunction. If you are ready to take, your next step on your healing journey towards a potentially profound release of the old to make for the your whole authentic self, I highly recommend Dr. Laura Moore.                                                                                                     Beth, ND